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dID YOU KNOW: employee errors account for about 70% of all data disasters that happen to small-medium sized businesses!
That's why during this time when many businesses have staff working from home, it's extremely important to make sure your employees know how to keep the company safe from exposing private information to hackers.

That's why we decided to give away
to you and your employees if you click the link below!


Do your employees use the same password on every company system?

Do you know how to identify a phishing email?

What about Multi Factor Authentication? Do you use it at all?

Chances are, maybe not.
And it's not because you don't want to. It's because no one trained you to realize that you need to.

Here at Tekie Geek, time and time again we get calls from business owners who have suffered from a malware or ransomware attack, and need help getting back all of their company data and private info.

It's a heartbreaking conversation to have when the business owner realizes not only did this happen because of a lack of training in the area, but because they weren't backing up and properly prepared beforehand.

We don't want to see that happen to you, too. So now, it's a great time to put your staff through our Cyber Security Training.

We're giving you the same training we offer to our paid Managed Service clients.
Cyber security is not a one size fits all sort of thing. Different businesses may need different services and safeguards in place, so watching the training will help you identify areas you may be a little lax in, and realize the risks and what's at stake by not protecting and correcting it.

It's easy to click a wrong link, download a wrong file, login to a wrong website.
It's not easy to get back to business as usual once something like that happens.

Click the button below and get signed up to start our Cyber Security training today!

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